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Conférence : “How to create a great brand”

The Marketing & Communication Loft

10 juin 2013

Four Seasons Hotel Geneva

de 14h30 à 20h30

“How to create a great brand”

14h30 – Registration & Welcome.

15:00 – “Great Brands need Great Ideas – Integrated Communication in the Digital Age”, presented by Frank Bodin, Chairman and CEO of Havas Worldwide Switzerland.

15:40 – “Digital excellence – learnings from leaders”, panel discussion with Hugues de la Chevasnerie – former President                                                  of Burberry Fragrances (2006-2013), and Frank Bodin – Chairman and CEO of Havas Worldwide Switzerland, and Tom Bowman – Vice President of Strategy & Operations at BBC Worldwide.

16:20 – “Storytelling in the Screen Age”, presented by Tom Bowman, Vice President of Strategy & Operations at BBC Worldwide.

17:30 – “Innovative retailing: 7 ways to incorporate new technologies in luxury boutiques”, presented by Eugénie Porot Bron, Senior Retail Marketing Concept Manager at Swarovski.

19:00 – Dinner Cocktail & Networking



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