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Base Design
Rue Louis-Favre 41
1201 Genève

+41 22 321 64 04

Hervé Rigal
Gérald Moulière


BSA-FAS Swiss Architects Federation, Switzerland

The Federation of Swiss Architects (FSA), is recognized as the foremost architectural organization in Switzerland. Our task was to develop a strong visual identity that could unite all 900 FSA members. We started by breaking apart the cliches.
First of all, we wanted to avoid the design clichés that many associate with such a prominent architectural organization. So we stayed away from white, grey and black; tones often used in the world of architecture. Instead, we developed a crisp color palette to reflect the organization’s bright future. Together with our type designer Matthieu Cortat, we developed an exclusive FAS typeface. We deliberately made it a bit awkward to stay away from the rigorous, sans-serif fonts oft used in the past. Our aim was to make a definitive break from design codes.

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